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Security and keys as a technology is advancing rapidly and ever-changing. Here are some answers to questions that our locksmiths are commonly comforted with.

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What is the difference between a transponder and a regular key, and what is a transponder?

A transponder is a microchip embedded in a key that communicates to a vehicle’s onboard computer, allowing it to enable or disable the primary functions of starting the car.  


Does my car remote have a transponder in it?

Car remotes sometimes contain a transponder, particularly for some newer years and models of vehicles. In most cases, the car remote is separate from the transponder.


What is the function of the remote?

The remote device allows you to open and close a vehicle remotely at different distances, depending on make, model, and battery strength. It also can enable the vehicle’s alarm. Sometimes it can act as a kill switch, but not in all cases.  


We are able to repair and program new or stock remotes and transponder keys. We do not work with aftermarket alarm systems.


What is a high security key and does my car have one?

A high security key is cut differently than traditional keys offering a higher level of security. It is year and model specific. If you are uncertain, call our shop for advice.

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